Who is the Whisperer?

Like his older siblings, Steve Olenski began his professional career in the supermarket industry where he learned the value of rolling up his sleeves and getting one’s hands dirty. Eventually migrating to the white-collar world, Steve never forgot his blue-collar roots and “getting dirty” and putting in a hard day’s work.

Having never graduated college nor taking a writing course in his life, Steve fought his way to working in marketing departments of the biggest brands in the world including Oracle as well as creative director on the agency side.

Moreover, Steve earned a place among the world’s most influential journalists and writers having written for many leading publications for over 20 years including Advertising Age, Adweek, Business Insider and Forbes.

Over that time he has amassed a close network of executives and thought leaders that are second to none. He has been referred to as “The Distiller of Truth” and “The CMO Whisperer” by the former CMO of Walmart and Prudential. The former CMO of the Grammys calls him “…one of marketing’s definitive authorities” while the former CMO of PayPal says of him “I value his partnership, skillset and experience.

He is truly in “rarified air” for he has achieved an unrivaled respect and trust among those in the c-suite.

No one is more attuned to the state of marketing and advertising than Steve.