The Current State of the World and What Two Branding Guys Think This Could Mean For Brands (video)

Just yesterday I shared my dilemma with all of you: During These Surreal Times, To Write or Not To Write, That Is My Question.  A few hours after posting this, I caught up with my good friend, David Brier, a fellow East Coaster (David is a Brooklyn-born, native New Yorker who now lives and works in the Midwest.)

Like me, David is rarely at a loss for words. He shared me with the same reticence to write and speak about his normal “beat” which in his case is branding.

We were chatting via Zoom when I stopped him mid-sentence and said ‘We need to be recording this.” He immediately agreed, we hit the restart and here’s what we talked about. This is as raw and real as it gets.

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