The 2021 Holiday Ad I Love Best And I Am Equally Sure Many With Loathe

I readily admit I am a very old-fashioned guy in many ways. The holidays, for sure, are great examples of my old-fashioned-ness, if you will. I absolutely LOVE holiday music – classic, timeless songs such as these:

Rest assured, there are many, many others but you get the idea.

As for advertising, I am a sucker for old-fashioned Christmas and holiday-themed ads and this year I came across one that I think is the best of this year and is perhaps among the best I have ever seen.

Yes, that is a very subjective take for it is MY take; MY opinion and you are welcome to your own. However, while I love it for many reasons — it features perhaps my favorite Santa EVER in a TV spot, plus I love the history and heritage of Christmas from Scandinavian countries, in this case, Norway — I know full well many will not like it; many will in fact loathe it, hate it, despise it.

And to those who fall in the latter camp, let me just say one thing: I truly feel sorry for you.

Watch it for yourself and if you are in fact one that does indeed, loathe, hate, despise it, that’s your right to do so. I will disagree with you vehemently, and I will feel sorry for you even though you more than likely don’t care.

So be it. As EW&F said all those years ago: That’s the way of the world.

Happy Holidays.

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