I So Want To Meet These 5 Percent Of Marketers

Anyone who has ever met me, albeit even for just a few minutes, knows I love a good conversation. What can I say? I was the kid in school who got in trouble for talking too much. Not much has changed.

Another thing to know about me is I love a good stat. Love to sink my teeth into findings and insights and the like. Hey my last post was all about stats as a matter of fact. See for yourself.

But not only do I love a good stat, I love taking the opposite side or contrarian side. If XYZ research shows 65% of people are doing this, I also want to know why the other 35% is doing that.

Take Five

So there I was, minding my own business when I came across an otherwise nondescript line in a Marketing Charts piece: “However, a moderate share said that data is used in their strategic decision making only some of the time (26%) or never (5%), indicating that data-driven approaches aren’t universal.”

Did you catch the part that caused me to slam on the brakes? To wonder aloud “What the f$#k?!”

To put this in a little better context, although you can probably glean the context just from the above excerpt, here’s the title to the piece: 1 in 4 Marketers Say They Always Use Data As Part of Their Decision-Making Process

NOW go back and reread the excerpt.

That’s right kids, somewhere out in the world, right now as we speak, there are 5% of marketers who DO NOT use data in their strategic decisions.

So the obvious question is, what ARE they using to make strategic decisions?

Couldn’t be any of these, could it?


I mean who would make a a strategic marketing decision based on the flip of a coin or a dart board or even a game of rock, paper, scissors?

How silly.

No, my bet is these 5 percenters use a MUCH more scientific method.

Or maybe these are the “I’m gonna trust my gut instincts” marketers?

Now, before I go on with my silly-saga, it is worth noting that over 50% of the respondents to the survey covered in the Marketing Charts piece had less than 50 employees. Why is that worth noting?

Quite honestly I have no idea. Seemed like a good place to denote this.

But I don’t care if you have ONE employee – yourself. How in the world are you NOT using data as part – operative word PART – of your strategic marketing decision process?

So, if you are in this select group, the 5 percenters who are anti-data for whatever reason, please let me know for I would LOVE to chat with you; pick your brain.

Because if you are successful despite not using data… hell, this could change everything.


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